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Community Gatherings

The Office of University Diversity & Inclusion will be hosting Community Gatherings. Join us for dinner and connect with the community you identify within.

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Dr. Damon Williams

Inspiring Transformational Speaker

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BEACoN Research Mentoring Opportunities

BEACoN Research Mentoring Program

BEACoN Research Mentoring Opportunities for Students

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Transformative Inclusive Excellence Initiative

Transformative Inclusive Excellence Initiative

Kickoff Thursday, Jan. 24th

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Office of University Diversity Team Photo

ONE Cal Poly

We are ONE Cal Poly!

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President's Diversity Awards

For exemplary contributions and hard work towards making Cal Poly an inclusive environment

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Diversity is…

A community of people who are made up of different social identities.  Social identities include, but are not limited to: age, disability, gender, gender identity, national origin, race/ethnicity, religion/spiritual practice , sexual orientation, and veteran status. 


To increase awareness of our values in support of diversity and inclusion by communicating consistently and in multiple ways about our immediate and longer-term actions and initiatives.


The Office of University Diversity and Inclusion leads efforts to build diversity and promote inclusion through a collective impact framework that connects with partners and aligns university-wide efforts in order to achieve inclusive excellence; attract and respond to a diverse campus community; and nurture a respectful and inclusive campus climate.


Cal Poly is building a diverse and inclusive campus community to prepare students for the future. 

Cal Poly’s Diversity and Inclusion Mission

Cal Poly will ensure all graduates leave Cal Poly more prepared to tackle future challenges and have the competencies needed to live and work in a diverse and global society. 

Cal Poly's Values

Cal Poly has a responsibility to educate all students to be leaders for tomorrow with the competencies they will need to succeed.

As a California Public University, Cal Poly should mirror the demographic of the state.


Why Cal Poly has a Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion creates educational excellence (“Inclusive Excellence”) to prepare students for a diverse and global market by:

  • Developing cultural humility and multicultural competencies
  • Enabling personal growth by developing empathy
  • Advancing knowledge about social justice issues and creating greater understanding that will enable students to communicate and navigate across differences.


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