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Final Report

Final reports of the 2019 Cal Poly Experience (CPX) study are available below for download. We encourage Cal Poly community members to read these reports in their entirety and continue with us on the journey to a more inclusive and equitable Cal Poly for all.

We also understand that some of the information in these reports may be difficult to process. CPX Care resources are listed below – we encourage anyone in need of additional support to utilize them.

CPX Recommendations

Recommendation 1
Engage in campuswide dialogues about the CPX study results. Leverage CPX toolkits among leadership, faculty and staff for their personal diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) journey and to activate a series of campuswide dialogues about results of the CPX study. Senior leader visibility is key.

Recommendation 2
Create a centralized Inclusive Excellence framework to guide the DEI action-planning steps of colleges, administrative units, and student organizations. Develop a five-year DEI action plan, uplifting relevant Collective Impact recommendations. Identify a DEI lead and team in every college and major administrative unit. Establish a clear accountability process by holding deans and VP’s responsible for plan development and implementation. Establish a scorecard to track and measure progress over time and produce an annual public forum.

Recommendation 3
Develop an Inclusive Excellence Innovation fund to support small and large grants to drive new DEI initiatives that focus on the university’s most difficult challenges. Align the fund to the core DEI framework and challenges noted in the CPX study. Prioritize evidence-based interventions and collaboration. Spark a culture of innovation, looking for programs that can make a big difference if scaled. Support current programs that have a strong evidence base.

Recommendation 4
Develop a multidimensional DEI training, curriculum and professional development program. Create learning moments for all. Begin with an online training for all in the campus community, and a shared learning experience for all DEI leads. Find creative ways to acknowledge DEI training in annual performance reviews, merit and promotion discussions, and hiring opportunities. Develop a certificate program. Pepper DEI learning into pre-existing, relevant programs and provide release time for employee training.

Recommendation 5
Invest in the campus DEI units to create a stronger, more evidence-based approach to driving high-impact diversity and inclusion outcomes. Invest in infrastructure of units, committees and leaders who are doing the day-to-day work. Make targeted investments that ensure every unit has a funded DEI activation lead role. Reexamine all current DEI committees. Scale up the Cal Poly Scholars program. Develop a major faculty diversity program as the university’s “big bet” and support retention, promotion, and leadership succession. Establish a staff leadership development program.

Recommendation 6
Develop the next phase of the CPX awareness campaign to create a positive brand halo and engagement both internally and externally with issues of diversity. Create awareness with alumni, the San Luis Obispo community and campus citizens to spark a stronger culture of DEI at Cal Poly. Establish an appropriate messaging framework. Develop talking points for all leaders at Cal Poly regarding the CPX initiative. Drive development of the refreshed and DEI-strengthened Cal Poly brand. Conduct targeted outreach conversations with key board members, alumni, donors, corporate partners, others. Convene an external CPX-DEI advisory of supportive corporate partners, alumni, community leaders, and relevant influencers to support the university’s strategies.

Recommendation 7
Develop an Inclusive Excellence taskforce to identify two to three short- and long-term solutions to issues identified by the CPX Study. Establish a Cal Poly DEI Community Taskforce to reach out to the San Luis Obispo community and identify three to five top strategies to create a more inclusive experience on campus and in the SLO community.



CPX Research Study Executive Summary

Embracing the Journey

  Download PDF

A concise report that provides an overview of the CPX data collection process, overall research findings, and summary of recommendations.

CPX Research Study Executive Report 

Embracing the Journey Cover Download PDF

A more comprehensive, detailed report of the CPX research findings, internal and external factors that affect campus climate, and immediate and long-term institutional recommendations.


CPX Research Study Technical Reports

Reports that include deeper insights into the design methodologies used for the study, with detailed responses and multi-variant analysis.




Now that you have read the reports, join us for the next steps of the initiative.

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