University Statements on Diversity and Inclusion

Cal Poly’s Diversity and Inclusion Mission

Cal Poly will ensure all graduates leave Cal Poly more prepared to tackle future challenges and have the competencies needed to live and work in a diverse and global society.

Cal Poly has a responsibility to educate all students to be leaders for tomorrow with the competencies they will need to succeed. As a California Public University, Cal Poly should mirror the demographic of the state.

Diversity and Inclusion Vision

Cal Poly is building a diverse and inclusive campus community to prepare students for the future.

Why Cal Poly has a Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion creates educational excellence (“Inclusive Excellence”) to prepare students for a diverse and global market by:

  • Developing cultural humility and multicultural competencies
  • Enabling personal growth by developing empathy
  • Advancing knowledge about social justice issues and creating greater understanding that will enable students to communicate and navigate across differences

Cal Poly has cemented its commitment to an inclusive education and campus for decades. Explore the timeline of efforts on campus to promote diversity for the past 25 years or jump to some of the landmark statements linked below:

1998 Cal Poly Statement on Diversity adopted by the Academic Senate and approved by President Warren J. Baker.

2008 Diversity Learning Objectives were added to the University Learning Objectives (revised in 2017).

2014 Vision 2022 established the Academic Plan and the Campus Master Plan that supports “a rich culture of diversity and inclusivity.”

2014 Cal Poly’s Diversity Strategic Framework was established, which was informed by the results of a campus climate survey.

2015 Cal Poly’s Statement on Diversity is approved by the Academic Senate, approved by President Jeffrey D. Armstrong in 2016.