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Statement of Solidarity

Read a statement sent by Vice President for Student Affairs, Dr. Keith Humphrey and Interim Vice President for University Diversity and Inclusion, Dr. Denise Isom to the campus community on Saturday, October 17, 2020. 

To the campus community,

We understand how difficult and traumatic it is to live amidst the current chaos of both a racial and viral pandemic and we want to help our students get through this difficult time. In particular, to our Black students, staff, and faculty, we see you, and we acknowledge the deep pain, anger, sadness, and trauma that exists. You matter to us. We stand by you. We care for you.

As a nation, we are in the midst of social turmoil and uncertainty, one part of which is addressing the myriad ways in which Black Indigenous People of Color continue to be systematically oppressed. We are indebted to the organizers, leaders, and activists, who propel us forward in the pursuit of justice and equity on campus, in the surrounding community, and beyond. We stand in support and in partnership with all who are deeply committed to justice, equity, and radical love.

We take pride in the fact that Cal Poly students graduate and become leaders in their fields. This includes becoming leaders that create a society that centers equity. We are here to support students as they find their voice, purpose, and the path to express their desires for a better community, a better tomorrow.

We encourage faculty and staff to reach out to students, check in, and acknowledge the historical and current local and national events that are impacting our students. Take advantage of resources for learning on these websites:

Plan to participate in the new OUDI and Student Affairs conversation series, “Campus Conversations: Social Justice, Social Change, and Building Community” the first of which will center on election fears and engaged social responses on Oct. 22.

As MLK said, “change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous [action].”

Keith B. Humphrey
Vice President for Student Affairs                                                         

Denise Isom
Interim Vice President for University Diversity & Inclusion 

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