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President's Diversity Awards

The President’s Diversity Awards celebrates members of the Cal Poly community who have exhibited a commitment to diversity. The awards are an opportunity to recognize individual members from the faculty, staff, and student communities as well as contributions from a recognized student organization and university group.

This year's awards took place on May 10th, 2018 in the PAC Lobby. We honored the finalists and announced the recipients at the awards ceremony. Special guest, Dolores Huerta, was in attendance and made closing remarks.


2018 Nominees and Finalists:


Elizabeth Lamoree (FINALIST)

Kate Martin

Leola MacMillan

Lisa Kawamura

Oscar Navarro (RECIPIENT)

Roberta Wolfson & Grace Yeh (FINALIST)


Bailey Hamblin

Beya Montero

Blaze Campbell (FINALIST)

Camille O’Bryant (FINALIST)

Conny Liegl

Jennifer Teramoto Pedrotti (RECIPIENT)

Liz Schlemer

Samantha Tran


Hanna Trejo & Jennifer Panganiban

Jose Lozano (FINALIST)

Kristen Tran

Lauren Quinata (FINALIST)

Leilani Hemmings (RECIPIENT)

Nimrah Aslam

Excellence in Inclusive Design

Catherine Trujillo (RECIPIENT)

Craig Schultz (FINALIST)

Luanne Fose (FINALIST)

Campus Organization

Chicanx Latinx Faculty Staff Association (FINALIST)

Cross Cultural Centers (RECIPIENT)

Department of Journalism

Multicultural Business Program (FINALIST)

Pride Faculty Staff Association

SABE Program

Student Group

Black Student Union (RECIPIENT)

Lambda Sigma Gamma (FINALIST)

Past President's Diversity Award Winners

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