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Making Cal Poly Excellent Through Diversity and Inclusion

Cal Poly strives for Inclusive Excellence, the idea that in order to be excellent, an institution is constantly evolving toward becoming more diverse, equitable and inclusive. The university recognizes and celebrates the value of the different viewpoints, knowledge, cultures and skills that diverse communities bring to the educational experience.

Inclusive Excellence is the engine that drives diversity and inclusion efforts at Cal Poly. The Inclusive Excellence model is built on the following principles:

  • In higher education, an excellent institution is an inclusive institution.
  • All students should have the opportunity to succeed.
  • All students should benefit educationally from participating in a community where people differ from one another.
  • In order to be successful community members, graduates must be prepared to live and work in a diverse world.
  • An inclusive community is characterized by mutual respect, a sense of belonging, and personal safety.

Consistent with Cal Poly’s Learn by Doing philosophy, we believe that all of our students will best develop these abilities by living and learning in a diverse and inclusive environment.

Ultimately, the goal is that our campus — students, faculty and staff — should reflect the diversity of California. For that to be possible, everyone must rightly believe that they are welcome at Cal Poly because they feel welcome in an inclusive community.

Inclusive Excellence Council

Cal Poly’s Inclusive Excellence Council is a university-wide standing committee composed of faculty, staff and students who advise the campus Chief Diversity Officer on ways of implementing the Inclusive Excellence model.

The Council, in consultation with campus leaders:

  • Develops and recommends comprehensive goals and measurable objectives for the campus relating to Inclusive Excellence.
  • Reviews campus programs, initiatives, and practices that affect the implementation of inclusive excellence and provides recommendations for improvement.
  • Monitors the progress and success of campus efforts to achieve Inclusive Excellence and where efforts fall short, advises the Chief Diversity Officer.
  • Provides guidance and recommendations on related campus incidents, keeping constituents informed on the campus response and advising the Chief Diversity Officer and members of the Bias Incident Response Team as appropriate.

Meetings are held regularly during the fall, winter, spring and summer quarters, at the discretion of the co-chairs. All committee members are voting members. Faculty and staff representatives serve three-year terms. Student representatives serve two-year, staggered terms. Members may be reappointed.

Each year, the Council honors faculty, staff, students, campus recognized student groups and campus groups, with Cal Poly Diversity Awards. The nominations are received each Spring quarter and winners in each category announced at the Cal Poly Diversity Awards reception in May of each year.

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