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Diversity & Inclusion Trainings

The Office of University Diversity & Inclusion (OUDI) is happy to provide campus climate related trainings. These trainings include a variety of topics including the following (They can also be customized to meet specific needs or concerns):

Implicit Bias Workshops (2 hours each) 

To sign up visit the Human Resources Learn & Grow in-person training page

Part 1: Exposing Hidden Bias

Brings attention to the unconscious biases we all possess and provides some strategies for overcoming its impact in our work and relationships. 

Part 2: Responding to Hidden Bias

Focuses on responding to unconscious biases – your own and in others.  Participants will have the opportunity to dig deep to develop and practice ways to respond to bias, even if the bias was unintentional, and learn of resources for additional learning.

Inclusion Starts with Me at Cal Poly (20-30 minutes)

Learn about resources, the diversity strategic plan, and how to get involved

Unmasking Microaggressions (1 hour)

Learn about microaggressions, what they are, how they harm, and how to stop them

Identity and Allyship (1 hour)

Learn about your own social identities, explore the concept of privilege, and how to channel one's privileges into allyship for marginalized communities. 

For questions or scheduling of a training for your department or group, please contact OUDI Program Director, Kari Mansager, at (805)756-7367 or kmansage@calpoly.edu




Cross Cultural Center Ally Trainings and Training Series:

The CCC’s Training Series aims to create a more welcoming and more inclusive campus environment, to strengthen community, and to encourage networking among faculty, staff, and students toward the goal of supporting individuals and communities along diverse intersections of race, class, dis/ability, sexuality, gender identity and expression, documentation status, women empowerment, and first-generation college attendance. In each interactive training, participants have the opportunity to learn some useful terms, explore their experiences in relation to the topic, better understand issues experienced by these communities, and gain some useful tools in practicing inclusion as act for change.

Race & Ethnicity Allyship (3hrs) 

Gender & Sexuality Allyship (2.5-3 hrs)

Cross Cultural Centers 101 (35-50 minutes)

Coping with Microaggressions (1 hour)

Cultural Competency (2 hours)

Contact culture@calpoly.edu for questions or to request a training from the Cross Cultural Centers


UndocuyAlly Trainings (3 part series, 1-2 hours each)

  1. The Foundational Knowledge Training (Training 1) provides participants with knowledge on how to best support undocumented students in accordance with CA and federal law. 

  2. The second installment will focus on Taking the Next Steps (Training 2) in supporting undocumented students within your respective office/department/program, and 

  3. The third installment is focused on Becoming an Ally (Training 3) to this population of students and thinking about institutional change.

Contact undocually@calpoly.edu for questions or to request an undocually training


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