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Diversity and Inclusion Enrichment Grant

Cal Poly’s Diversity and Inclusion Enrichment Grant empowers initiatives that are aligned with the goals of the Office of University Diversity and Inclusion (OUDI). From year-to-year the focus of the funding might change depending on the emphasis on particular initiatives impacting campus.

OUDI’s Collective Impact process has mobilized the entire university to work together to set goals and make recommendations for a more inclusive campus where everyone can feel like they belong. This year OUDI will be focusing on providing funding for programs and guest speakers that align with the following Collective Impact areas. 

  • Campus Climate
  • Recruitment and Retention of faculty, staff, and students
  • Diversity in curriculum and co-curriculum

One aspect that will be critical in helping us determine funding is your statement outlining how your program or speaker will align with one or more of the identified areas.

Approved sponsorships will be paid with Student Success Fee Funds. Approved guest speakers must be paid on a state Guest Speaker Form. The maximum funding amount is $1,000 and will be based on the size of the intended audience.

  • Cal Poly students, staff, faculty, or groups can apply for sponsorships
  • One sponsorship may be granted to the individual or group per fiscal year 


Application Details

Click here to apply for a 2021-22 Diversity & Inclusion Enrichment Grant 

All approved sponsorships require you complete a short survey regarding the impact your event had on the Cal Poly community. You are welcomed to add any additional information on impact (number in attendance, evaluation results, anecdotal information, etc.) Survey results and additional comments will become part of an annual report. This is due to us within 30 days of the event. Failure to complete the survey will affect future funding.

For information about applying for the Diversity and Inclusion Enrichment Grant, please contact diversity@calpoly.edu

Additional campus funding options:

Career Services – Diversity Support Fund

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