CPX Survey

Everyone has a story. What’s yours?

Thank you to everyone who took the CPX Survey, which asked all campus community members to share their perceptions, experiences and knowledge about their time at Cal Poly.

The CPX survey closed May 7. The results of the survey, which will be shared in fall 2019, will build an evidence-based understanding to create actionable change for a better, more inclusive future. 

Questions? Email diversity@calpoly.edu.

How can I take it? 
The survey was mobile-friendly, and accessible beginning on April 9. A personalized email from Dr. Damon Williams at the address noreply@checkbox.com was sent to all students, faculty and staff to complete the confidential survey. This allowed respondents to take the survey without a username and password. Students could also take the survey through the portal — look for the pop-up message and click “Take Survey Now.” 

Cal Poly encourages inclusivity in all its programs and activities.  If you have questions about event accessibility or anticipate needing any type of disability-related accommodation, including (but not limited to) physical access or deaf/hard of hearing services, contact the Office of University Diversity and Inclusion at 805-756-2250 or email diversity@calpoly.edu in advance of your participation or visit. Accommodation requests should be made as soon as possible but at least five days prior to the event. The Disability Resource Center also had printed copies available. For more information, contact the DRC at 805-756-1395 or email drc@calpoly.edu, or visit the office in the Student Services Building (No. 124).

Who can take the CPX survey?
Current students, staff and faculty could take the survey. Students who are under 18 years old, are on leave, are not enrolled in winter quarter, or are not seeking a degree could not participate. The survey was not open to alumni.

What did the survey ask about?
The CPX Survey asked respondents to address questions about the university’s overall climate. It included demographic information questions that are intended to capture an accurate picture of the composition of Cal Poly’s campus community. No one at the university will have access to personal identifying information. The survey intends to address the following themes:

— Assess the current campus climate with respect to diversity, equity and inclusion.
— Better understand the on-campus experience of students, staff and faculty.
— Gather empirical data that can be used to help improve university graduation, recruitment and retention rates.
— Create an actionable plan to provide guidance and direction toward an improved Cal Poly experience for all campus community members.

The remainder of the survey questions are about the student, staff and faculty experience on campus relative to diversity, equity and inclusion. Participants responded to statements about their experience, rating questions on a scale of “strongly agree” to “strongly disagree.”

What is the source of the survey?
Survey questions were adapted from an open-source instrument developed and validated by researchers at the University of Michigan. Additional questions were developed and informed by insights from the Cal Poly campus community that were shared during campus visits and working sessions with Dr. Damon Williams and his research team from the Center for Strategic Diversity Leadership and Social Innovation. The survey was reviewed by the Cal Poly Institutional Review Board.

Approximately how long does it take to complete the survey?
The online survey took approximately 12-15 minutes, on average. Participants who choose to elaborate more about their experiences through the open-ended questions may take longer.

Is it confidential? 
Yes, survey responses are confidential. To maintain confidentiality, the survey was implemented by the Center for Strategic Diversity Leadership and Social Innovation, an organizational consulting firm led by Dr. Damon Williams. The Center for Strategic Diversity Leadership and Social Innovation is not affiliated with Cal Poly, and only its staff will have access to completed surveys.

If I complete a portion of the survey, can I return and complete it later?
Yes. You would do so by returning to the original email you received inviting you to take the survey and click the respective survey link.

If I submit the survey but want to go back and change something, can I do that?
Unfortunately, no. Once a survey is submitted, edits cannot be made.

If I only finish a portion of the survey, will that still be received and reviewed?
No, partially completed surveys will not be received or reviewed. Only surveys that have been formally submitted are considered complete and then able for review.

Can student employees take the survey during work hours? 
If you’re a student who works on campus, you may arrange with your supervisor to take the survey during work hours.

Wasn’t there a survey a few years ago?
Yes, the last campuswide climate survey was completed five years ago — a long time for a university. We learned a lot from the results and the process. It’s a common best practice to complete a survey every four to five years. The CPX Initiative differs from the 2014 survey in that we will create an action plan and measures to hold ourselves accountable as we move forward. The Collective Impact strategy groups, which met throughout the last year under the guidance of the Office of University Diversity and Inclusion, have also recommended that a new campus experience survey be conducted to plan future changes.

When will the results be available?
The aggregate data from the listening session and the survey will be shared with the campus community in fall 2019.