In early 2019, Cal Poly embarked on a major diversity and inclusion initiative to create long-term institutional change. These are the major milestones of the CPX — Cal Poly Experience — initiative.


Cal Poly partnered with a diversity and inclusion expert, Dr. Damon Williams, who led the campus community through listening sessions and a survey.

  • CPX Listening Sessions: More than 500 members of the campus community participated in the confidential sessions, where they shared first-hand accounts of their experiences and perceptions of the university. (Completed March 2019)
  • CPX Survey: The participation results for this campus-wide survey were exceptional — 41% of students and 60% of staff and faculty took the survey. (Completed May 2019)
  • CPX Stories: Several students, staff and faculty members shared their Cal Poly experiences with the rest of our campus community.


The next steps include sharing the results of the CPX study, and additional learning opportunities, training and tools to create action plans for long-term change.

  • Strategic Diversity Leadership Institute will share the results of the CPX Study and feature sessions on ways to create an everyday culture of inclusion; infusing equity and inclusion into policies, systems and approaches; and better supporting and meeting the basic needs of students, faculty and staff.  (Oct. 17-18, 2019)
  • Activation Toolkits are online guides that will provide a common language for the campus community to engage in meaningful conversations around the CPX data, and how to apply inclusive practices into your everyday life. 
  • Campus Dialogues will be both facilitated and initiated by campus community members. These dialogues will dive further into the CPX data and identify ways to advance diversity, equity and inclusion on campus.
    • CPX Campus Dialogue 1: Thursday, November 21 | 9-10:30 a.m. | Advanced Technology Laboratories (Building 7) |
    • CPX Campus Dialogue 2: Monday, January 13 | 10-11:30 a.m. | Advanced Technology Laboratories (Building 7) |
  • Action Plan Development – individuals and units will begin developing action plans that build upon existing work and collectively create a cohesive, campuswide strategy for long-term change.
  • CPX Distinguished Speaker Series on Jan. 23, Jan. 30 and Feb. 6 features renowned researchers and scholars giving candid, informative talks on various diversity, equity and inclusion topics. The online series is open to all campus community members designed interested in contributing to an everyday culture of inclusion, including individuals participating in Cal Poly’s action planning process. Register:
  • Action Plans Share-out – will unveil action plans developed by the campus community.