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Distinguished Speaker Series

Learn from renowned researchers and scholars who gave candid, informative talks on various diversity, equity and inclusion topics. This online series was designed for anyone interested in contributing to an everyday culture of inclusion, as well as individuals participating in the action planning process.
  • Why should we increase diversity, equity and inclusion efforts at Cal Poly? Learn why these efforts are critical, and how you can get involved. Also, learn key differences between the centennial generation (those born in or after 1998) and past generations, and strategies to engage, educate and partners with students on campus climate issues. Watch the video.
  • Hear an overview of higher education experiences of LGBTQIA students and how you can be an ally. Watch the video.
  • Learn about the latest research on the history and impact of affirmative action on Asian Americans in higher education. Watch the video.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of current national data and academic trends for underrepresented minority students, best practices that advance academic achievement outcomes among Latinx students, and much more. Watch the video.
  • Learn about research-based best practices for increasing the representation of faculty and staff from diverse backgrounds. Watch the video.
  • Want to help make Cal Poly more inclusive, but don’t know where to start? Join this conversation and learn how. Watch the video.
  • Small things can have big impacts. Learn about unconscious bias and microaggressions, and how your actions affect others. Watch the video.

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