CPX Commitment Cards

CPX Commitment Cards are a great way to share your support for a more inclusive Cal Poly. Regardless of your knowledge or experience level, everyone can make a simple, tangible commitment to creating a Cal Poly that is truly for everyone. Download and fill out your commitment card today by using the guide below.

  1. Print out the CPX commitment cards (there are a few card options).
  2. Think of some ways you can support diversity, equity and inclusion at Cal Poly. For ideas, please see below.
  3. Fill out your commitment card!
  4. Take a picture of yourself with your commitment card, post it to Twitter or Instagram and tag OUDI (@CalPolyOUDI).
  5. Encourage your friends, classmates or colleagues to show their commitment to a more inclusive Cal Poly by filling out their own CPX commitment cards!
  6. Complete your commitment, and make another one!

Below are a few examples of commitments you can make to support inclusion at Cal Poly:

  • I will honor people‚Äôs pronouns.
  • I will learn about and be aware of my own privileges.
  • I will learn about implicit bias to become aware of my own unconscious biases and beliefs.
  • I will strive to make the language I use as inclusive as possible.
  • I will examine my syllabus to ensure that it represents diverse voices and perspectives.
  • I will join an inclusive book circle.

CPX Commitment Cards – full-sheet cards (PDF)
CPX Commitment Cards – half-sheet cards (PDF)
CPX Commitment Cards – Guide (PDF)