CPX Activation Guide

CPX – Cal Poly Experience – is a call for everyone to engage and be part of this critical study. You can help create change and lead Cal Poly on a path toward greater equity and inclusion, for you and for future students, staff and faculty members.

Every voice matters. Please help share the word about CPX.
Here’s how you can get involved.

  • Announce the CPX study at your next meeting, class or event.
  • Write a short message to your community groups, department and students encouraging them to participate in the study. (View the template if you don’t feel like writing it from scratch.)
  • Add information to your website, newsletters and social media sites. (View a list of sample announcements.)
  • Take the CPX Survey, beginning April 9.
    • Student employees can make arrangements with their supervisor to take the survey during work hours.
    • Add reminders in your class syllibi to take the survey.
    • Provide 30 minutes to take the survey during a meeting or event.
    • Dismiss students from class 30 minutes early to take the survey on their own or at an activation event.
    • Talk to your staff and faculty about taking the survey.
    • Make sure you take it too!
  • Share your story by sharing a video and/or writing a paragraph about your experience at Cal Poly. View the form to learn more and submit your story.
  • Attend a CPX Activation Event during April and early May. Events are free and open to the entire campus community. Find an event.

Questions? Contact CPX Support:
Office of University Diversity and Inclusion
Office: Administration Building (No. 1), Room 411
Phone: 805-756-2250
Email: diversity@calpoly.edu
Facebook: DiversityCalPolySLO