CPX Action Plan

You shared your truth through the CPX survey. The action plan is Cal Poly’s commitment to change.

The data collected during the listening sessions and the survey will be used to set real goals, build scorecards and create a strong culture of accountability to embed equity and inclusion throughout the university and support all of our campus community members. It will support the development and refinement of Cal Poly programs and services designed to create a more equitable, inclusive and diverse campus community.

In addition, the data will form a baseline understanding of current experiences and perceptions so the university can measure change over time, to see if we’re meeting our goals and keep us on track. It will also provide insight into key climate issues that warrant additional or more in-depth assessment.

The data will be shared during theStrategic Diversity Leadership Instituteon October 17 and 18, and will be used to create Action Plans during winter 2020. In addition, a CPX leadership institute will give the campus community opportunities to hear from diversity and inclusion experts and learn about how we can thread our work throughout campus.

Cal Poly plans to engage in future ongoing and regular campus climate research efforts to continue to monitor and develop strategies to improve the campus experience for all students, faculty and staff.

Have questions? Email diversity@calpoly.edu.