CPX — Cal Poly Experience

Cal Poly is at a crossroads. And you have the power to change it.

We have an opportunity to more deeply understand the experiences and perceptions of our campus community so that every person can feel a sense of belonging and inclusion. But in order to achieve this, we need your help.

CPX – Cal Poly Experience – is a call for everyone to engage and be part of this critical study. You can help create change and lead Cal Poly on a path toward greater equity and inclusion, for you and for future students, staff and faculty members.


Every voice matters, especially yours. 

  • Attend a CPX listening session, March 12-14. Thank you to everyone who participated in one of many confidential listening sessions, led by expert Dr. Damon A. Williams and his team of researchers, and provided first-hand accounts about your lived experiences.
  • Take the CPX survey, starting April 9. Thank you to everyone who completed the confidential survey to develop an evidence-based understanding of the experiences that students, faculty and staff have had at Cal Poly. The survey closed May 7.
  • Help share information about CPX, now through April. Announce the survey at your next meeting, class or event. Add information to your website, newsletters and social media channels. Or request an informational meeting to learn more. Check out the CPX Activation Guide for ideas and resources.
  • Share your story. Fill in this form and share your Cal Poly experience. Your experience will be added to the CPX Stories page.
  • Come hang out in April and May. A variety of grassroots events and community hang-outs will be hosted throughout campus to create supportive, nurturing spaces for those who have taken the survey to debrief and reflect on their experiences. Anyone needing additional support can find campus resources on the CPX Care page.
  • Attend the Leadership Institute in Fall 2019. The CPX survey results and action plan will be released in the fall. A Leadership Institute will give the campus community an opportunity to learn more about how to advance our diversity, equity and inclusion work through unit-level action plans.

Cal Poly has partnered with a diversity and inclusion expert, Dr. Damon Williams, to lead us through listening sessions and a survey in order to create an action plan that will accelerate our progress to our goals. The listening sessions and survey are the first steps in this year-long process for self-reflection and change.

The data collected in this study will be confidential and will make it possible to:

  • Access empirical data that we aren’t currently collecting campuswide to build an evidence-based understanding of the campus community. 
  • Create a baseline understanding of our current experiences to measure change over time. 
  • Inform current and future initiatives to further support student success and inclusion.

Through the participation and input from our campus, this initiative will lead to meaningful change at Cal Poly. We urge everyone to participate, so we get a complete picture of our campus experience and can make informed decisions to support the campus community and create a more inclusive culture.

Campus community members can use #CPXperience and #CPX to tell their story, share their participation in the listening sessions, and ask others to get involved.

Questions? Email diversity@calpoly.edu