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Faculty and Staff Resources


Faculty and Staff Associations:

American Indian and Indigenous Faculty and Staff Association

Chair: Jenell Navarro

Asian and Pacific Islander Faculty and Staff Association

Co-Chairs: Joy Pedersen and Lisa Kawamura

Black Faculty and Staff Association

Co-Chairs: Bryan Hubain and Camille O'Bryant

Chicanx Latinx Faculty and Staff Association

Chairs: Adrienne Garcia-Specht

Disability Faculty Staff Association

Pride Faculty and Staff Association

Chair: Jo Campbell

Women's Faculty Staff Association


Cal Poly Faculty Staff Association Website

Faculty Staff Associations (FSAs) are social and community-building groups for Cal Poly faculty, staff, and graduate students in some cases.  The FSAs host a variety of events, programs, and initiatives including socials, social justice efforts, mentorship with students, educational opportunities, and more.

Affordable Learning Solutions 

A CSU-wide initiative to support student savings through the adoption of lower cost, high-quality course materials. Learn how members of the Cal Poly community are using low-cost and open resources in their courses)

The Center for Teaching, Learning, & Technology (CTLT) 

Offers classroom related resources in diversity and inclusion, including an Inclusive Excellence Specialist and numerous workshops. 


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