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Equity Enrichment Fund

Funding Request Form

Supporting Student Professional Development

The Equity Enrichment Fund is designed to support opportunities for Cal Poly students to learn, grow and professionally develop within their discipline. The intention is to ensure that all Cal Poly students can benefit from the available educational opportunities and maximize one’s readiness to be a leader in an increasingly global society. The Office of University Diversity & Inclusivity provides funding support to qualified individuals for a variety of campus events/projects, conference attendance, and some internship opportunities. 

Program Criteria

The Office of University Diversity & Inclusivity (OUD&I) funding request process is intended to provide a clearly defined process to request funding for programs, projects, or other events that clearly benefit the educational opportunities for student development and the University as a whole.

  • Funding for the Equity Enrichment program is limited
  • Cal Poly students or groups can apply for co-sponsorships
  • One co-sponsorship may be granted to the individual or group per fiscal year
  • Programs that enhance student learning, encourage critical thinking, Learn by Doing, creativity and problem-solving skills are encouraged to apply

Essential elements of all submissions must include:

1. Completion of our online funding request form
2. Description of the event, including appropriate attachments
3. Description of the expected educational impact on the applicant/University
4. Intended audience if request is for support of a program or project
5. How success of the program will be evaluated, include sample of metrics used
6. How funding received from the OUD&I will be used – be specific
7. Other identifiable funding sources, including amounts being sought/received from other on-campus/off-campus funding resources
8. Detailed budget for entire project – including the OUD&I funding request

Note: OUD&I funding may not be used to support conference travel or activities that do not have the potential to enhance student learning within their discipline.

OUD&I will review all requests. Please allow up to 14 working days from receipt of application to receive news of funding. If your request is approved, we ask that the OUD&I logo be included on promotional and programmatic materials showing acknowledgement of OUDI’s support.

Submission Process


Click on the Funding Request Form button at the top of this page to submit your application directly to OUD&I.


Include all the information requested in the on-line Funding Request Form and e-mail it to diversity@calpoly.edu either directly in the body of the e-mail or as an attachment.  Include all the requested documentation as attachments.  Be sure to include “Equity Enrichment Fund Application” in the subject line.

In Person:

Bring a type written sheet with all the information requested in the on-line Funding Request Form along with all the requested documentation to:

Office of University Diversity and Inclusivity

Building 1 (Administration), Room 315

8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday-Friday (excluding holidays)

If you have any questions or if you do not receive a confirmation that your application has been received within two business days of submitting your application, please contact us directly at (805) 756-2250, or diversity@calpoly.edu, or in person.

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