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Bias Incident Response Team (BIRT) and Campus Climate Working Group (CCWG) 

In October 2014, the Bias Incident Response Team (BIRT) was formed on behalf of the Vice-President for Student Affairs and the Dean of Students (DOS). The team, consisting of representatives from various departments, was established to assist the campus community to assist the campus community in responding to major acts of bias. BIRT transitioned to become an entity co-chaired by the OUDI office and the DOS to develop a reporting process and support individuals who report and/or witness acts of bias in the campus community. BIRT works to evaluate incidents for policy violations and provide resources and appropriate resolutions. When further action is required, BIRT refers alleged incidents to appropriate campus entities for review and follow-up in accordance with California State University Executive Orders 1096 and 1097. 

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The Campus Climate Working Group 

The Campus Climate Working Group (CCWG) is a committee of high touch professionals that aims to enhance the efforts of BIRT and improve the campus climate at Cal Poly. The committee's impact lies in its ability to provide ongoing evaluation of campus climate conditions and develop recommendations for expanded engagement and education. Additionally, the CCWG will provide critical insight towards the necessary efforts required to inform the campus of the impact of hate/bias and empower the Cal Poly community to promote a culture of civility and respect. To achieve this goal the committee: 

  • Reviews resources and data, including bias incident reports, student survey data, campus climate survey data, and national trends to provide ongoing evaluation of campus climate conditions and develop recommendations for expanded engagement and education. 

  • Provides expert knowledge based on professional perspectives and lived experience. 

  • Works with campus partners to enhance programming, education, and training around campus climate and the impacts of bias incident trends. 

  • Informs administration and recommends best practices in terms of policy and action based on trends and findings. 

  • Communicates and partners with BIRT to address broader campus climate issues.  


The CCWG is a diverse group of administrators, faculty, and staff who are trained and have expertise in engaging conversations regarding campus climate and DEI issues. The CCWG meets two times a quarter to address campus climate concerns that may create harm to members of the Cal Poly community based on their identity (race, ethnicity, religion, gender identity or expression, disability, sexual orientation, ability status, age and their intersections). The CCWG is co-chaired by the Assistant VP of DEI Strategic Planning & Networks, OUDI (Office of University Diversity and Inclusion) and Associate Dean of Students. 



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